The Decline of Printed Directories

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The recent decline, and in some cases removal, of the automatic directory distribution of phonebooks has caused a lot of miscommunication.  In the past, phone providers used to send out tons of printed phonebooks each year to any businesses or residential customers that had phone service.   In an effort to save our environment, time, and money, phone providers across the country have decided to take a stand.  This “environment saving” initiative saves  hundreds of thousands of trees, along with resources, time, and lots of money.  The misconception with the removal of the automatic delivery is that there’s no longer a need for publishers to receive the directory listing data.  This is not the case.  Directory Publishers across the country are still collecting directory listing data to ensure the data is made readily available upon request.  To date, the phone book remains to be the only “free” method of directory listing information around.  It’s very important that, if you want to be found, your friends, family, and potential business clients can find you.  Let’s continue to save trees but let’s also support our publishing industry by ensuring they receive the most efficient data possible!  Listing Central, LLC is here to do just that!